History In 1990, Col Needham an archaic system designed for the massive search listings being developed in the Usenet group “rec.arts.movies.” Thus, on 17 October 1990 marked the beginning of the history of the Internet Movie Database, although the website would take another three years to reach six to adopt its final name. Col Needham was in 1995 that after the place, the first network devoted to movies, had a great future, so she quit her job and turned the company on IMDb. Only three years were to pass to Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com founder saw in the database cinephile par excellence the opportunity to expand into the seventh art. Since then the IMDb lived as a spectator, under the umbrella of Amazon.com, a severe economic crisis in the sector during the first years after 2000.Currently, the IMDb is a reference point for all Internet users in terms of cinema (and television) and a must to promote the big Hollywood releases.

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