Hollywood Star System in the United States, the film was a smash hit, by a peculiar social circumstances: when a country of immigrants, many of whom spoke no English, so the theater as the press or books were forbidden by the language barrier, so the silent film became a major source of recreation for them. Smelling this business, and based on its patent for the Kinetoscope, Thomas Alva Edison tried to take control of the exploitation rights of the cinema. The case went to trial not only of Edison against so-called independent producers, but was spared even a clean shot. As a result, independent producers migrated from New York and the east coast, where Edison was strong, westward recently pacified.In a small town called Hollywood, found ideal conditions for shooting: sunny days all year, a multitude of landscapes that could serve as locations, and proximity to the Mexico border, where they should escape justice. Thus was born the so-called Mecca of cinema, and Hollywood became the most important film center of the planet. Most of the studies based on this early age (Fox, Universal, Paramount) controlled by (Darryl F. Zanuck, Samuel Bronston, Samuel Goldwyn, etc.), and the movies looked more like a business than an art. They fought each other hard, and sometimes, to better compete, merged: 20th Century Fox and were born in (former Fox) and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (union of Samuel Goldwyn studies with Louis B. Mayer) These studies looked completely controllable film production.Thus, not only financed the films, but who controlled the means of distribution, through theater chains to show nothing but their own films. They also hired directors and actors as though they were salaried employees, under unconscionable contracts, and it was even common practice directors and actors lend to each other, in a passing and passing, without neither had anything to say about it, tied as they were by their contracts. This marked the emergence of the star system, the star system, in which movie stars were promoted in series, like any other commercial product. Only Charles Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford rebelled against this, may do so by her huge commercial success, and found out that was just create a new study to themselves: United Artists.It speaks well of the Hollywood production between the 1910s and 1950s, as film producer, where it had more weight producer getting financing, the principal charge to shape an artistic vision.

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