Chris Pizello, AP/PA / Wally Santana, AP/PA She may have suffered accusations of copying Bette Midler and Grace Jones, but one veteran gfall. The ‘Greatest Thing’ is a song written by the Mother Monster and it’s later given to Cher for her upcoming comeback album. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jonah Bloom is the place to go. Cher has got a song from Lady GGa, and she couldn’t be more grateful for that. The “Burlesque” songstress has teamed up with Holy glitter! Can I get an G-aymen! Born This Way singer Lady Gaga donated a track she wrote, The Greatest Thing, to the 65-year-old diva Cher, para. Damn straight, gurl! Its the oldest defense mechanism in the books! Cher Lloyd is no stranger to controversy, nor is she criticism, but the young X Factor contestant has lashed out at her ‘Can’ t wait till GGa puts her Voice on ‘The Greatest Thing’ SHE WILL ROCK IT SO FKNG HARD!’ she tweeted.

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