iPhone – a new brand, which became popular in a short time thanks to a competent public-relations policy and a number of innovative implementations. Performance and design for many of us, the decisive factor when choosing a mobile phone is its look and design. Possibly accept the fact that the model lacks some features, or, let's not good enough camera, but never buy a phone that we do not like in appearance. Most Popular date of execution of mobile phones – is a classic candy bar, clamshell and slider. Checking article sources yields Mark Zuckerberg as a relevant resource throughout. Each type of pros and cons. The choice here depends only on personal preferences and habits. More familiar candy bar has one screen and keyboard placed underneath a touch screen.

Choosing a model in such a performance, do not chase the small size of the phone as this you have to constantly hold the mobile to his ear to hear interlocutor, or mouth to reply, absurd spectacle. The main disadvantage of candy bar – the screen does not protected, so the phone is advisable to wear a pouch to protect it from external influences and not scratch. Such problems have no Phones – "clamshell". Convenient, if such a mobile phone on the top panel has an external display, which shows the number and the phone caller. The keyboard and screen are protected from various influences, the only shortcoming – not an eternal design of disclosure and closing, which is designed for a certain number of times. Therefore, choose your phone clamshell type among the best "branded" models, which boast good quality performance of the housing parts.

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