In the new Will, we have Pablo, with an extraordinary mission, beyond the prophets who had also walked with Jesus and the Lucas, follower of the doctrine of Christ. When God calls a man for definitive mission this has s conscience and he will never be able to run away from this intention. We have some marcantes examples, as Abrao, Noah, Moises, Gideo, Samuel, Sanction, Jose, Maria (mother of Jesus), Jonas, etc. Also are said in the word that God does not approve that people if say ' ' calls for it to be priests or profetas' ' without having been chosen. The case exemplificativo is of Saul, that was ungido by Samuel, the control of God, to be King and was beyond that the one who assigns to God going to offer it sacrifices for God, whose mission age of Samuel, the priest.

We also have the example of that it was chosen for God to take a word to a people who if found in the perdio and maledicncias of the world. We speak of Jonas. ' ' It came to the word Mr. the Jonas, son of Amitai, saying: It makes use you, it goes to the city of Nnive and clama against it, because its malice went up mim' ' (Jonas 1:1 – 2). Jonas, simply, tried to run away from the recommendation of God and was for the city of Tarsis, where it judged to be far from the presence Mr. It embarked in Jobe Tarsis after to buy a ticket in a ship. But God sent a great storm that abated that ship and the sailors prayed and its conjuncts were not heard by Mr. Then, they had decided to inquire the Jonas so that the God also invoked In what they had discovered the true cause of the fury of the sea against them, therefore Jonas confessed to also fear and God to them and that the storm occurred due its disobedience.

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