John Schneider John Richard Schneider is an actor and singer who rose to fame in giving life to the young Bo Duke in the series The Dukes of Hazzard and, more recently, Jonathan Kent in the Smallville series. Born April 8, 1960 in Mt.Kisco, New York. It measures 1.91. His parents, Jack and Shirley (New York and Florida respectively) were divorced when he was two. John began acting at age eight in several plays in New York and also became interested in magic shows, coming to work in some children’s shows. From that time still has the magic ability and his admiration for the magician Dai Vernon, Canadian magician who recognized John Schneider considered “simply the best.” His adolescence was not entirely comfortable, because of their asthma and overweight problems, often being teased by some boys his age. At age 14 she moved with her mother to Atlanta, Georgia. By then he was beginning to glimpse her passion for music and specifically guitar.Adolescence spent clutching a guitar and practicing constantly. At 16 he decided to lose weight, while playing guitar in local children’s hospital to help children escape from their problems, as for John Schneider entertainment has always been a good tool to help people forget your worries. At the same time, and now in Atlanta, became interested in theater more intensively, participating in some local works. He starred as Burt Reynolds in “Smokey and the Bandit” in 1977. His big break came with the role of Bo Duke in the television series The Dukes of Hazzard (1979)-see-that external link to the CBS reported a huge success between 1979 and 1985. Producers initially wanted a typical southern country boy of 24 years, but John, born in New York, got the role when he was aged 18.His contribution to the series, that Spain was entitled “The Sheriff Nutty” is not limited only to his role as Bo Duke, but also collaborated with the soundtrack of the series, with songs like “Just Good’Ol Boys “” Carryin’on like we did before “or” In the Driver’s Seat “, often sung by the actor Tom Wopat (who played the role of Luke Duke, cousin of Bo). In Luke, Bo, Daisy and Jesse (the characters), there is also the General Lee, the legendary red-orange 1969 Dodge Charger that was undoubtedly one of the protagonists, and Bo Duke was responsible for driving with amazing agility . Known worldwide for his role of Jonathan Kent, Clark’s adoptive father, in the series Smallville, about the adventures of young Superman, even to direct and produce some episodes of the series (Episode 20 the third season, titled “Talisman”). Their participation in the series from Warner Bros.stretches for over a hundred episodes, until the 12th of the fifth season, titled “The Oracle” ( “Reckoning”), but John has not refused to cooperate further on specific occasions. It was on the small screen where Schneider has found greater success by taking part in the miniseries “10.5” and appearing as an occasional actor in many series ( “Diagnosis Murder”, “Walker”, “Touched by an Angel” or “Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman “and more recently in” Living with Fran, “” JAG, Nip Tuck, CSI Las Vegas and CSI Miami). The large screen has been stood up, although in 1983 she co-starred “Eddie Macon’s Run” with Kirk Douglas, and since his departure from the series Smallville has embarked on new projects as “Collier Co.” and its sequel “Collier Co.2 High Octane “(John directs, writes and produces both productions),” Hidden Secrets “,” Lake Placid 2 “,” Blood Pressure “or” Sidney White “without leaving the world of television (” Mary Christmas “,” The Mummy “-animated series in which John put lead character, Rick O’Connell and” Felicity: An American Girl Adventure “). In most of his work as actor, Schneider is dubbed into Castilian by actor Fernando De Luis dubbing.

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