Since the beginning of the year 2011 reinforced Eng. Ludwig Guggenberger conducting business at EPOXONIC GmbH. country ham/Pliening, near Munich, in March 2011 – since January 1, 2011 Eng. Ludwig Guggenberger acts as co – CEO of EPOXONIC GmbH. Together with founder and CEO of Reiner Habrich, the long-standing EPOXONIC staff for the course of the globally successful epoxy specialist is responsible. Ludwig Guggenberger, born in 1962 in Munich. Apart from one brief interruption, engineer is employed by EPOXONIC and leading-edge involved in various ground-breaking EPOXONIC innovations since 1995. Including the development of adhesives and potting compounds for the electronics and electrical engineering products for the construction sector and in particular the internal organization.

EPOXONIC founder and CEO of Reiner Habrich: With the appointment of Ludwig Guggenberger to co – managing director we want to put a sign in the future. Our customers and business partners therefore be sure that the course 20 years ago will continue. About EPOXONIC GmbH: EPOXONIC GmbH founded in 1990, originated as a spin-off of the central research and development by Siemens. Since the company became a competent developer and manufacturer of epoxy resin systems. EPOXONIC innovations the industry gave important impulses. Including a conductive adhesive for the chip Assembly (1992), dual cure adhesives (1996), the production of opto resins (2001) and the launch of a modern, highly reactive 1K-Klebstoffs transport unlimited (2009). in 1993, the company engaged in the development of materials for the robotic rehabilitation of sewers and DIBT approved products is among the market leaders. Currently, various projects from the construction, automotive, Heatmanagement and energy sector with good prospects of success are in development.

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