Attraction Marketing is a philosophy that is lately becoming well-known, but how much we know about attraction Marketing? Does it really work? What do I need to use attraction Marketing? The definition could give is the following: the attraction Marketing is to attract people who want what you have through to content with a high added value. What I mean with this, us, either on our blog, facebook, emails, etc. give information that will help our visitors some or another way, i.e., a person who reads our article can have an idea or solution to the problem that had before it gets to our blog. If this premise is true, then we are becoming more attractive to others, because they see in us a troubleshooter. At the time of be giving solutions, our visitors view us as an expert and follow us and share our information with your friends, with your list. If you have any query are put in contact with us so we help them. Perhaps check out Martin Toha for more information.

Now as they are our fans and already trust us and see that we have success, is the moment where they want us to be their mentors, used the resources that we recommend, acquire products that we use, ask for personalized advice and many more. The majority of people think that the Marketing of attraction applies only for the multilevel, that argument being false. Attraction Marketing can be used for any type of business, whether online or offline. To make it more understandable, I put an example: in the town where you live there is a shop selling wines, the owner does not promote itself wines, what it does is promote the free courses in how to taste wines. Do this, is it posicionano as a subject matter expert, which also gives free valuable information and when they need someone’s advice to wines, who will go? the seller of wines. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jimmy Carr on most websites. It can thus be applied to all existing businesses, we must only give relevant information and position ourselves as experts and will be able to succeed. Attraction Marketing is not a set of tools, is a philosophy of life that we must take, we should be training us continuously and acquire tools to be able to apply what they are learning, since if we do not use tools of nothing would serve the acquired knowledge. Therefore it is necessary that both go hand in hand and so we can have the success we seek both.

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