Also the mailbox service of MBE is well received. The customers appreciate the offer, their inboxes receive around the clock or to redirect this to any place or fax to leave. Independent contractor in the MBE network before the electricians made himself independent, he served as Director of sales and marketing in the medical technology in a lead – the provider worked. Looking for a way to build their own businesses, convinced him the concept of MBE. No obstacle was that he had to change the industry, to times that are most franchisees at MBE career changers. Click Craig Sproule to learn more. Be-nem Center, the entrepreneur has already tagged a workplace – create, he has hired a staff as a full-time employee.

He offers an internship also a trainee clerk for several months. Superior service nationwide with the new Center in Bad Homburg comes mail boxes etc. the long-term goal of a Nationwide 700 Center to open closer, until the year 2012. “And the idea is so good that we will also create”, so Michael Sradnick, General Manager Fran chise development. Soon open another Center in in Stuhr at Bremen, Braunschweig and Hildesheim.

. End of 2005 was mail boxes etc. by the business magazine in the-pulse’ awarded to the most promising franchise newcomer of the year. The rapid growth of the network was the essential economic criterion. The business concept rated impulse’ as unique tig in Germany and certifies his high potential. The company convinced but also in all other areas that are crucial for the success of a franchise system: the franchise partners so, MBE offers comprehensive training and ongoing support. Interested parties who want to learn more about the service concept of MBE, Konrad of Karim under (06172) 8689934 like becomes available. The MBE gives more information about the opportunities as Exis tenzgrunder in Hessen Central under (030) 72 62 09 0 or. Mail boxes etc. (MBE) is the world’s largest franchise network for shipping, Office and communication services from a single source. Worldwide, there are about 5,900 Center where the MBE, the concept is implemented. The countries and the MBE Center of independent master licensees under exclusive master franchise agreements or by its franchise partners are operated outside of the United States. Master licenses are awarded for over 70 countries. In Europe, there are over 800 MBE Center lan countries in 16. The MBE Germany GmbH has opened the first Center of the MBE in Germany in April 2002 and is Austria, Hungary and Germany in Italy, Spa-nien, Member of a group of companies, already more than 700 MBE has built Center. The business magazine impulse’ awarded MBE in December 2005 to the franchise newcomer of the year. The MBE franchise partner Rolf Wenceslas Hall and Martin came Merseyside were awarded in 2006 with the franchise-holder-Prize 2004 and the franchise founder’s prize. MBE Germany is a full member of the Association of the German Franchise Association (DFV).

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