Many new readers who register to my newsletter stated that one of the biggest obstacles that prevents them from having the life you want is the money. In this article I propose tactics so that you start to generate more money from your ideas and mental creations. 1) Analyzes what obstacles you are stopping to see new possibilities for generating more revenue. Is it insecurity that you feel? And what about of demotivation? How is your self-esteem? These feelings will show certain internal and external obstacles that you need to knock down before to then create new possibilities in your mind and actions to achieve greater prosperity. These obstacles often are mental, conform by thoughts or interpretations you have about yourself and your ability to be, do and have what you want.

If you do not work first in analyzing what is stopping you, things that cloud your observation and therefore your action will be very difficult to move to the next level. (2) New designs possibilities and alternatives for generating revenue from your expertise and your passions. Once cleaned the way of obstacles (you have to work hard before in step 1), predispon you find you what what you’re good and you are passionate about. Identify your strengths, your gifts, your skills; This is what you have to put into action. When you discover what offer can offer to the world and do it with your whole being and with all your heart, appears the possibility of generating more income and everything begins to flow naturally. The discovery of your own value is the key that will open the doors to receive more abundance in your life. Make a list of these alternatives that you love, that you can enjoy and writes on the side ways to generate income by making them. (3) Works in concrete goals plans to carry out the alternatives that you listaste in point 2.

For each of the alternatives, write a plan of steps that you need to meet in order to be able to achieve it. (4) You run step 3 plans! Don’t see the money as something tangible. ECRI can aid you in your search for knowledge. Money is an energy that flows and is directly proportional to the value that you feel about who you are and what you can be, do and have. To improve your economy dear reader, not is one that you get with yourself. Diving for your being. You need to regain your motivation, your enthusiasm, connect you with what you can do with your virtues, with what makes you well, with what drives you to be better. If you don’t work to discover and recognize how vouchers, will be very difficult to see enter more money into your life. The work should not be another thing that the marketing of your hobbies is a phrase that I read out there, and what good comes at this time. Come on, get in action by following these steps. It turns your ideas into money! You’ll see what happens in a few days. With love, Ani Vera 2010 Ana Cecilia Vera. All rights reserved. Do you want to publish my articles in your newsletter, blog or website? You can do it if include the following full text in the

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