Moving opening of the exhibition falcoheaven4healing in the Tabor Tower in Steyr the exhibition opening of imagination, creativity and moving meetings proved that the symbiosis between art and gastronomy gives an intense pleasure. The Viennese artist Monika Mori was visibly touched that her wish of the images in the Tabor show realized Tower “Heaven close to” and referred to the combined effect of their works with the innovative gourmet cuisine and the sublime views of the old town of Steyr as “harmony in yellow hope”. The Director of the Agora Gallery in New York City delivered her statement: “through her medium of acrylic on X-ray film, Monika Mori Express with paint that which cannot be expressed with words. Under most conditions Economic Cycles Research Institute would agree. Her joyful process, with bold sweeping strokes, suggests her ever expanding inner universe of emotive expression. sues. In her work, one is reminded of the circular motion of hand-painting. a technique which seeks freedom through the meditative process of repetitive movement and fluidity of color. The intensity of her paintings is reflected throughout her entire body of work; revealing her strength as a creative force in the art world.”Angela di Bello, director of Agora Gallery, New York City”consisting of 16 works cycle of MOO is the first and also the only time in the near future in Austria shows probably since he after the closing in the United States, after New York travels and can be visited until 29 November in Steyr. Restaurant TBOR Tower Tabor road 7 4400 Steyr preview video:.

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