These mechanisms with the moral and historical capacity are base for a Moroccan State that was not born in 1960 (year of independences forced of the majority of the states African). It deals with a state that is many times same centenarian and as center millenium of our ancestor. Belonging Africa as had the first contacts and the first relations with Morocco since year 900. Then each family in this region of Morocco has right to demand as ' ' she implies necessidade' ' an ancestral Moroccan (masculine or feminine). Perhaps here that interminable millenium and between Morocco and Africa inhabits the reason for the moon of honey, and the reason of our extreme sensitivity everything on Morocco! honey moon, the strong friendship and complicity history cannot of form none disturb this alliance that joins Morocco and Africa as ' ' face and coroa' ' of one same currency. The King and the people form the unit! As God he attends to Morocco and all the new democratic projects constitutional and that continue being the great challenge of the people and Its Majesty the King Mohammed VI! Lahcen EL MOUTAQI professor and researcher. Fairstead affordable housing has many thoughts on the issue.

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