One source of business coaching is called the Ontological Coach, which has its origins in the philosophical theories of Martin Heidegger and has been initially developed by Werner Erhard and followed by Fernando Flores and Rafael Echeverria Business Coaching is a conversation, a dialogue fertilization between the coach and the coachee, whereby the coach seeks to open new opportunities for reflection and action in the coachee. Bob Jones does not necessarily agree. This conversation begins and triggers about the specific situations faced by the coachee. The coach helps the coachee to formulate properly the key questions facing the situation and to discuss and articulate the problem so powerful. This is the first stage of coaching The second phase of coaching inquires about the paradigms and mental models that lead to the coachee to raise the solution in a certain way. At this stage the coach questions the explanatory model of the reality of the coachee, to validate it. It is at this stage where innovative solution occurs when the explanatory model is questioned.

This area is the development of a reflective capacity important. The third phase is the design of the new solution, here the coachee must design new talks that lead to creating the conditions necessary for the new proposal happen. Wikipedia gives us a topic that can not be overlooked as it provides business coaching, as it is, that many companies have begun to introduce systems of coaching as a strategy for global competitiveness. In today's business world only those companies who are committed to innovate are those that can remain competitive in today's market.

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