The Abbot says even quite modest he not well but quickly go. The ancient order of the Premonstratensians consists of a wide variety of independent monasteries, which are loosely joined together in communities. He originates from the time of great upheaval and the reforms of the 12th century, when the preacher started Norbert of Xanten, priests to collect and to combine them according the monks in a monastic community. The Premonstratensian belong to the order of the canons. These are usually clerics living in monastic community monks…

so they can BREW anyway, namely one beer? The origin of the tradition of brewing in the monastery Schlagl goes, this documentary evidence, is the year 1580 back, but very much older. The canons of the Premonstratensian monastery Schlagl very soon discovered that tasty beer specialties can be brewed with the raw materials of the muhlviertel and the crystal-clear, particularly soft water from the granite rocks of the Bohemian Forest. The beers at Karl Schiffner of one of the few offers a unique experience of beer beer of sommeliers in Austria. This is tailored to the season, a 5-course menu accompanied by annotated beer. Karl Schiffner is one of the most prominent and most dedicated beer hosts of Austria. Over 100 beer specialities are shown in a display fridge.

“Not even does Schiffner before Beer cocktails: I see much potential just for cocktails” he explains. That is well above all among young people. The advantage of compared to traditional cocktails with spirits is the lower alcohol content. So, you should try its Campari beer anyway. A great refreshment after a walk through the beautiful Bohemian Forest. After now is visit the monastery with the brewery and it has strengthened itself in the beers you should take time for one anyway.

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