A pleasure of a special kind for connoisseurs, what constitutes a good rum? Many are asking themselves, and the answer is probably only for real connoisseurs who have tried already the best and know the subtle differences that make a very special from a good rum. And in a rum lovers all over the world are safe: the best rum, which you can get, bears the name of Ron Zacapa! The rum comes from the Licarera Zacapena in Zacapa, Guatemala. What is special about the rum is that he matures in the mountains, at an altitude of 2100 metres and is stored in burned-out Bourbon oak barrels. He gets his special flavour through a more short maturation in Spanish Sherry barrels. He produced in an elaborate process of distilling from sugar cane syrup.

Zacapa drinkers describe the taste similar to like a good cognac, with aromas that remind of coffee and chocolate. The Ron Zacapa rum has received many awards over the years and rightfully so. Multiple gold medals at the international Rum Festival in Canada in the category Super premium”Spirits Festival are in Florida here and also at international cane he awarded in the category of premium Gold. Alone these awards should completely convince rum connoisseurs who have tried so far still no Ron Zacapa. Ron Zacapa 23 years rum of the Ron Zacapa 23 years is rum in Guatemala nearly a classic and also the rest of the world for several years.

The rum is the flagship of the distillery and more than meets the highest demands. The 1 litre bottle is decorated with a hand-knotted Ribbon leaves the Royal Palm, which immediately suggests, this one has something special in his hand. Ron Zacapa Centenario Solera XO a 25 year rum incomparable taste experience offers also the Ron Zacapa Centenario Solera XO 25 years rum. The rigorously calibrated Edition of unique rum comes in a bottle of French crystal glass designed only for this rum in the hands of the rum lovers and immediately awakens the anticipation of the drink called a Cognac of rums.

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