Prior to each graduate student is the issue of the publication of their research results in the case of scientific journals. By entering the dissertation defense must be published several scientific articles, at least one of them – Journal of the list vak.U graduate student often has three options available in their asset scientific .1) Participation in scientific conferences and seminars. Typically, after the conference for a couple of months out collection theses. This is a good opportunity to get a scientific publication. The problem for postgraduates is that organizers are rarely paid accommodation in the city during the conference.

Graduate students have to look for opportunities in absentia (in this case abstracts may not be published) or try to knock out a scientific department of the money on trips (in our university graduate allocate funds for this purpose no more than once a year). Today being increasingly organizers announce a conference with pre-publication of abstracts. In this case, you can be sure that in case of confirmation of your editorial abstracts will be published. Remain just find a way to get this collection. 2) The university collection.

A good opportunity to get a scientific publication – to publish an article in high school collection. Some of the collections included in the list of wac and miss this possibility in any case impossible. Moreover, that such publication is most often free of charge. 3) Specialized magazines. Another way to get to their asset scientific publication, is a specialized scientific journals and collections. It is important to bear in mind that the journal should be exactly the specialized and not published anything and everything in all branches of science. I've seen magazines with titles such as' Scientific publications postgraduate ',' Contemporary Problems Sciences'. It is clear that in these journals main goal – making a profit, so your article probably will, but it will be among items up close and not related to your science. So in one journal you can find theses on the philosophy and physics, economics and mathematics. To date, there are several well-known trade magazines: 1) Pedagogical Sciences 'New Technology in Education' ( 2), Economics and Law 'economics, sociology and law' ( 3) According to physics 'Advances of Physical Sciences' ( 4) In medicine, 'Traditional Medicine' ( For other branches of science magazines can be found by searching. The main thing that he was special.

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