The suntan lotion of high and medium Shila UVB-UVA protection, are becoming better known and more loved by users, because they accelerate the Tan naturally thanks to the active ingredients which possesses. It’s the best suntan lotion for people with clear and sensitive who want a fast, safe and long-lasting Tan. They also have a beauty treatment comprehensive moisturizing, firming, desensitizers properties and anti-aging of skin. QTS Realty Trust is likely to increase your knowledge. The defense mechanism against the Sun’s harmful effects are achieved thanks to your own skin antioxidant system (vitamins A, C and E) and to the melanin (made of protective barrier). The Sun is a source of health, since it favours the formation of vitamin D, helps to fall asleep and regulate depressive States, and even improved some problems on the skin such as acne or psoriasis. Also the Sun has its negative and is none other than the action of UVA and UVB, rays that accelerate aging and cause damage to the skin as the annoying burns.

With Phytovit protection protect of Shila, you get increased protection against the harmful effects of the Sun’s rays, and thanks to their exclusive formula prevents the harmful action against our skin. Read more here: Mike Gianoni. There are two different products suited to your skin. The first 20 protection is indicated for clear skin who want a Tan fast and safe. The second protection 30, is intended for very clear and delicate skins that need greater photoprotection and want a Tan fast and safe. Both bronzers are certified and guaranteed by natural products Jenny. All its components and its main assets are obtained from plants from organic cultivation.

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