Artists and businesses who offered himself wandering or goods to fairs, circuses, vaudeville shows, in the past were known mostly as "Itinerant People." In the meantime, however, is to companies who have to deal with the same problems and issues such as companies that have a permanent office. The Trades of 01.01.2002 Showman defined so that its operations center can be seen in their design and outward appearance as volksfesttypisch too. In addition to exercise driving and sales transactions, tent restaurants, snack bar and serving, show, amusement, shooting and Ausspielungsgeschäften one Reisegewerbstätigkeit to constantly changing places, such as at public festivals, fairs and similar venues. For the purchase of the rides high investments are required, so that showmen often reach a particular financial risk. The possible conversions, however, during the season, lasting approximately 120 days to achieve, which is however stillDay of preparation must be expected that for incident and required removal and transportation routes. Most of the showmen are represented on an average of 18 events. These begin in the spring and usually only ended with the Christmas markets, given the ever-increasing operating costs make it difficult for a bridging of the winter break, and would require a presence there. In addition, sales in recent years have declined due to a cautious consumerism of the visitors. The majority of the showmen are family businesses, but they are just as local firms managed according to economic considerations. But fairground operators have to contend with additional tasks, because they must constantly strive for a stand, which is naturally linked to further work. In the season often requires additional manpower. That costs incurred in the purchase and maintenance of vehicles used for goods and office equipment, is certainly clear to everyone. Quickly, however,remember that additional funding for state, connection and usage fees and permits and transportation are required. And even in this collection have long been considered not all factors. Anyone who sees the fairground amusements with somewhat different eyes, should address the private side, because the family business usually also have problems coming. Fewer and fewer children are willing to face the ever fiercer competition. The Age hedging is often not sufficient, which makes the exercise of a sideline activity is required.

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