The anlisedo behavior of guineapigs is very used in the course of Psychology to paracolocar in practical the taught theoretical principles in classroom. During asatividades of laboratory experiences are carried through having used the box to deSkinner. The architecture proposal in this article searchs to automatize the box to deSkinner, through the integration of two projects, solving problemasencontrados by the pupils of Psychology during the lessons. s as well. One searchs, atravsdeste work, to benefit to the researchers with the automation of processes quehoje are carried through manually, offering better more necessary resulted conditions to them of anlisee. Introduction Pupils of psychology carries through utilizandocobaias experiments to improve> its referring learnings to the studies on the anlisedo behavior.

For the attainment of answers to the effected experiments you ate animals, normally a rat or pigeon, is used the box of Skinner, that is an appropriate equipment for these experiences, therefore, amongst outrosbenefcios, provides to an ample vision, allowing that the avaliemelhor observer the reactions of the guineapigs to the employed stimulatons. In the done analysis pelosdiscentes in practical lessons, spoon is necessary all the events exercidospelo animal and to write down in a form. During the collection of the data, existesempre a loss of consistency of the information, therefore in order to effect more complete umaavaliao, other 0 variable needs to be verified beyond daresposta the rat on the bar, as, for example, variation of the luminosity, change in the environment, racket, addition of reinforcements, amongst others, hindering atotal attention it pupil, harming the objective it experiment. Two complementary projects of conclusion of course, dFaculdade Ruy Barbosa, had considered solutions of automation of the box of Skinner, having objectified to optimize the practical lessons, following necessities daily pay-estabelecidasde low cost to implement, easy operabilidade, high degree deflexibilidade and good precision of the supplied data.

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