Pamplona. There are asses here. Burgos. Already populated with donkeys. Speakers. Ducks of the Castilian aguachirle (Gongora) De Quevedo: Whosoever neighbors make women and chickens all offer: a few horns and other eggs.

Gongora: Have a PhD student, discrete and generous oidores of the tibiezas, which I guess with indigestion. This therefore Doctoranduncio dawned with Dr. golondros, one morning he altered the heart. Quevedo to Gongora: poet of bujarrones and Mermaid tails, as they are ass-eye all your works or traits. And took it the Lope de Vega poor step only by calling Lope, of your consonant slave. Gongora Quevedo: Spanish Anacreon, no who I stop… Muse that blows and does not inspire, and knows by the treacherous put fingers better in my bag than in your lira.

Gongora against Lope de Vega: say that you had lopico against my adverse verses; more if I return my peak, with the peak of my verses to this lo-Bill lopico. In the course we’ve missed, I at least, a paper on Luis de Gongora y Argote, another priest, Chaplain of Philip III, great poet called Angel of darkness for something, who found his success in loneliness and the fable of Polyphemus, which in all held serious Cardinals just never used to miss any subject who told him: that success just us give mate. Vega Carpio. Fray Lope Felix de Vega Carpio. Famous poet and writer. Without donkeys perhaps Lope de Vega would not have been the Fenix de los ingenios. He wrote about 2,000 dramas and cars, which make up 133,000 pages with verses 21,000,000. Works: The Jewish of Toledo, the moza de cantaro, El perro hortelano Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas. Famous poet, novelist, theologian and politician. Thanks to the ass deserved the nickname of the Spanish Juvenal…Works: The chiton of the stonechat, the politics of God. Life of Lazarillo de Tormes. Picaresque novel, the first of its kind one of the masterpieces of Spanish literature, who thanks to the ass just got thumb sucking.

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