We are very excited with the new business. However, organize is essential! Because at the beginning, the volume is manageable. We started with some contacts, few bills maturities. We have all in the head and we are doing it to the extent that it arises. But soon, great!, a large order from a major company or three new clients together. Of course, we are being successful! And it is precisely in that moment, in that we should be happy, celebrating, celebration will tarnish with the stress caused by lack of organization. And started to act reactively ideally, implement procedures and basic administrative systems from day one. In this way, we will be ready for that business to develop and grow without complications.

To have a successful business, organize ourselves from the beginning will save many headaches in the future! Then some brief advice to start to organize ourselves: Office before all, equip the Office. Invest some money and organize the space to make it comfortable and functional. Some other elements that I consider necessary are: Stackable trays: they are a good resource and have at least two – one input and one output – help to organize. At least we have a place to put all the papers (and slips) that we must process at some point. File: topic boring and culminating for many.

However, it is important to provide for space and the Cabinet or shelves needed to archive our papers. Devote some time to it will save a lot of time later. Although all try to use less paper, we will have printed documentation. At the beginning, we can open only broad categories such as finance, customers, marketing, suppliers, etc. Even the now not so popular hanging folders may be a solution for those wishing to avoid having to punch each document to save it in a folder.

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