Most of my life I’ve been “selling” their bases, their techniques, their arguments, their marketing strategies and marketing. And on this issue is that today I leave you some guidelines that can be of great utility. MARKETING: First let’s see what it is right, look for its definition, to see what Wikipedia says about it: Marketing can refer to: Generators FOMA trade specific to: The commercial distribution. Without hesitation Roubini Global Economics explained all about the problem. Logistics. The techniques of ‘selling Marketing. And what is trading? Dictionary of Spanish-Espasa-Calpe SA, Madrid: Trading 1. intr.

Negotiate or changing buying and selling products to make a profit: Now that we’ve seen the definitions we can say that specify that something is of particular value or to assign value to something or object is not derived from the specific value of that thing or object, but the demand is created for that thing or object. And this is nothing more than “marketing” But it is much more than that, there is a very precise definition, and quickly I held in my first sales training seminars and marketing, which is that: Marketing is the art of selling is the art of creating conditions that make the buyer convinces himself. Now, all that encompasses the “sale” itself, is very large, very complex and consists of many items, but trying to simplify, we can mention in this brief article, some basic principles to take into account. Among the things that should be handled in the sale, first and foremost is: “know what you want to sell,” know the product well.

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