Sports once again coming into fashion. This trend is good news. Sitting in front of a TV or computer to replace it biking, roller-skating, winter fun: hiking skiing, snowball fights, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding. Shops sporting goods long ago emerged from the crisis. In a large shopping centers next to the sports shop often set the box for ice rinks. Agree nice to try to skate purchase, and just ride in heat under the roof of the building is always a pleasure, and then drink fresh coffee with a tasty bun.

When we went to the circus after the intermission, returning to the view, with a sinking at the heart followed by dancing ice and wonder how they managed to put so fast ice. And here's the answer – artificial ice. Simple as that. Synthetic ice is a solid monolithic panels, which are made of polyolefin. List the possible use of very large: for indoor public skating and figure skating, curling, hockey and holiday ideas. The advantages of artificial ice:-to install the site is not necessary expensive and consumes a lot of energy refrigeration, long-preparatory and start-up. Rink any form is installed on any hard flat surface and can be operated over a wide temperature range.

This design allows easily transformed into a football, basketball, volleyball court or the gym. Low, in comparison with artificial ice, and the cost of low operating costs allow the use of synthetic ice rinks during the installation as a business and entertainment centers, and the social facilities: schools, sports schools. Another advantage – it is an opportunity use of the ice all year round in the open air in any weather. Many entrepreneurs use artificial ice rinks to raise additional revenue. But we must admit that the opportunity to ride under open-air skating's July and not spend a large amount of this weakness – it's wonderful.

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