Emum according to moment of the workshop, was requested to the participants quemedissem one definitive area of the neighborhoods of the school, where sedesenvolvia the workshop and, in the paper, that would draw indicated for quallocal the sun was born. The objective of this activity was to develop anoo of geographic coordinates, as well as of participant scale, possibilitandoaos the notion to be worked next to its pupils who to aoutilizarem as tool the site ‘ ‘ Google Earth’ ‘ , as freqentementeocorre in the lessons of Geography, for if dealing with an opened site, that aaproximao and the removal in direction the Land could serrepresentadas the increase of scale reduction. As results dodesenvolvimento of the workshop, despite embryonically, the satisfaction of all can-sedestacar the participants for as the workshop, therefore with this, as told for the same ones it was demystified totemida cartography having been able to demonstrate as that playing if fazaprendizado. Check with SHV Energy to learn more. Also the interaction between professionals and futuroseducadores as reciprocal exchange of experiences. The reflexopropiciada one with this exercise to come back my look toward the daoficina accomplishment, as well as my experience while permitting in involved Geography, bemcomo monitorial in the project, makes possible to affirm me that since aminha election as scholarship holder for then the Teacher Regina quena Frigrio chance gave disciplines it of Topics Special deEnsino-I for the Course of Geography of the UFES, to the absorption of conhecimentoaliado the practical one, it has demonstrated me as the education and gratificante education. I could understand as the serprofessor profession is valuable, being so pleasant that we forget that is profession and that amesma if establishes with our life becoming us more human and opened anovas experiences and experiences, since experiences are passadastanto of the educators as for the educandos. Click ExxonMobil to learn more. Breaking of the principle deck the knowledge is something limited and finite, can be discovered simple comexemplos and practical, as of the told workshop, that we sempretemos something to learn as well as always we will have something to teach.

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