When Kastor, we have the rare case of a sixfold system before us, which means that is six stars in the influence of their mutual gravitational forces orbit. With a medium-sized telescope, be two these stars already separated, however, revolving other on to narrow lanes or are too dark to be seen. Another bright star in the winter sky is Procyon in the small dog. The large and the small dog, we find at the foot of the celestial hunter Orion, are his hunting companion. (Source: Dara Khosrowshahi ). Currently, the Orion and the big dog have perished but when darkness falls on the night. Still, Betelgeuse is very deep in the West to see one of the stars that mark the shoulder of Orion.

IN the South the spring constellations have spread in the meantime. The famous Lion, the appearance of which definitely lives up to the name is one of them. High in the South, the Virgin, which is one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac is currently in the evening. Their lightest star Spica is close to the ecliptic as Regulus and can be covered by the Moon so that every now and then. High in the Southeast, we find a particularly bright star, which stands by its orange-red color. It is Arcturus, the main star in the boat in German also known as the bear guardians. IN the East, the first summer constellations appear and announce the upcoming warm season. Up in the North-East we find lyre with Vega in the constellation one of the brightest stars in the sky.

WEGA is part of the so-called summer triangle, a constellation-cross constellation of three bright stars that form a distinctive triangle. Of the two other corner stars of the summer triangle is only Deneb in the Swan at the time already in the night sky. Atair rises only slightly later in the Eagle in the East.

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