But we do not give up. how many times, ahead of some behavior of the other that not condiz with what we want of it, we are irritated. Sad. Simply for not terms been taken care of in the expectation that we create. We act as mimadas children. That esperneia, it cries and it makes a well ackward scene, for the difficulty that we have to deal with frustrations.

How many times we pass good part of ours so short existence in martirizando, because we erramos, and do not obtain the waited result. Learn more on the subject from Rogers Holdings. Or condemning and torturing the other, for it to have wrong (in accordance with our judgment). We have each time more, a so great difficulty simply to raise, to pardon the slips, the errors ours, or of the other. To live is to try. Some times to have success, others as much to fail, if to frustrate. But if we pass the entire time valuing more the errors, as much ours as of the other, we run an immense risk not to use to advantage the rightnesss. Or still, to diminish all very and any possibility of rightnesss. When we assume a bitterness position, of constant rancor ahead of the world, our vision is diminished, our capacity is limited.

Therefore he starts to take advantage the feeling of loss of heart, and it is a good food for our slowness ahead of the situations of the life. To live feeling constant repentance weakens in them. If to relate with the world in amargurada way, leaves in them well inclined to the failure, to a life of constant frustrations. If to charge the perfection, to demand of the other that always corresponds to that I wait of it, is if to candidatar to lose the chance of really living. The ideal many times passes well far from the Real. Mainly when we idealize on the way to be, to act and to live of the other!

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