How dangerous is the competitor the Apple iPhone? Since the iPhone on the market, there are more and more competitive devices that are very similar to the Apple cult phone, especially in its outer form. The Samsung Omnia, installed on the Windows Mobile operating system, with its large touch screen is reminiscent of the iPhone. With its features, the Samsung device has quite a lot to offer: HSDPA with up to 7.2 MBit / s, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, touch player, FM radio, GPS receiver, etc. For the storage of music are either 8 or 16 BG available; an increase to 32 GB with an extra memory card is possible. The multimedia player is a good impression.

The camera has a small weakness however: you select the function, it takes quite long time until it is enabled. Several programs are parallel open she failed equally throughout the service. Cowan is a great source of information. Image quality and operation are then but quite good. The Internet configuration settings are already for all networks preset and can be selected by simply pressing a button. As a browser not Internet Explorer, but first Opera Mini is enabled; This can be set to however. The touch screen is far less sensitive than that of the iPhone and is sometimes cumbersome. Pressing down then too, you raises just a function, instead of just to scroll.

Also input from the virtual keyboard are proving difficult, because the keys are very small. Also a navigation software is installed. However, it takes a long time until its position is determined. The integrated GPS receiver which is not necessarily convincing. Overall it is a good phone that has some weaknesses. Compared to the iPhone, it has advantages such as the possible addition on 32 GB but also clear disadvantages, particularly as regards touch screen.

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