Who in the coming season in wants to be, will not pass on the trendy fashion of designer Karl Kani. Who in the coming season in wants to be, will not pass on the trendy fashion of designer Karl Kani. The collection continues the proven style of the Hip-Hop scene, offers some new features. Oversized shirts in bright colors with intricate prints dominate the year’s streetwear fashion. Ornaments from the Gothic area combines Karl Kani skillfully with his logo, or at least the well-known “K”.

Interesting and fresh shirts in stripes design therefore, which are very loose and casual come. Of course that allowed the skater scene of borrowed hooded sweatshirts in cooler oversized fit also not to be missed. Extremely wide jeans or sweatpants are helped, which necessarily casual must run up in loose folds on the boat. Alternatively, Karl Kani offers spacious Bermuda, where huge patch pockets determine the look. Who wants to stand out, is possibly a Basketball Shorts car, offered in shiny fabric variations. Also, you can find the matching tank tops in the shop. What would be a collection of Karl Kani no stylish caps. Popular as ever and ever comes in the classic CAP in uni with an oversized logo print.

But also pitching caps in chequered variations can inspire. No matter, whether to wear the shield after front or to the rear, with a model of the current collection one is full in vogue. The basketball shoes represent a special feast for the eyes. A great throw is managed through the mix of different material structures in connection with different colors Karl Kani. Air holes serve no purpose of self; they are done as a special design element in a scene set. Get more background information with materials from cornell capital. Of course, no accessories should not be missed. Self-confessed fans of Karl Kani come naturally with a belt on which the signature is to recognize very clearly. It is however also something more modest. To mention that would still be that the collection has purses of Karl Kani, exactly on the matching caps are matched.

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