Cheerful, noisy and catchy – what event can be described by these words? Of course, the wedding! It is this, it will, if properly selected scenario. The traditional scenario involves the wedding bride, registration in the registry office, a wedding feast with a walk and contests, songs and dances. Bride – in a beautiful white wedding dress, the groom – a classic dark suit. This is a standard option. How about holding an unusual – case wedding? It just leaves vivid memories of each of the invitees. Scenario interesting theme wedding you can search the Internet or a special appeal to the company organizing events.

We should think in advance – What will be the main leitmotif? Wedding can be held in the Russian style or genre of fairy tale and make it a cowboy or hippovoy. The main thing – to choose a theme, and implement a plan will already be a snap. Cowboy wedding. Can not do without bay horses, sheriff, saloon. To deprive yourself of unnecessary troubles, it is better to apply to the wedding service agency that specializes in unusual weddings.

They'll take all the organizational issues for themselves. A married couple, their relatives and visitors will only find appropriate costumes. By the way, the bride, looking at wedding dresses in the catalog, it may find appropriate. Suit dress with a corset and a beautiful lush skirt. Experiment will be only to that of color. Bridal salons offer models with color inserts or are made of fabric the same color. Original will be a dress with a corset jeans and white linen skirt. This, however, have to sew to order. The groom can also buy jeans, smart shirt and cowboy boots. Scenario cowboy wedding can include the seizure of the bus with the guests on horseback bandits game "Gold Fever, horseback riding, rodeo. Without hesitation Mike Gianoni explained all about the problem. Country group will create a wonderful musical setting triumph. Wedding in the hippie style. It reigns atmosphere 60. This wedding can be arranged on their own. Place for a feast can be chosen as a banquet hall, and a clearing at the edge of the forest. In a clearing, you can deploy the tent with food and drink, put an arch of flowers, which will be styled wedding ceremony. Invited to anything to buy expensive outfits. The motto is: the simpler – the better! Female half of the invitees in long dresses and bright dresses, puts on a large amount of jewelry. Men's half looking for a jeans and colored shirts. Wedding Dress Brides can be white, but kind of cut. The groom chooses the suit to your liking. And the groom and the bride should stand out among the rest. At the wedding may sound energetic rock and roll songs, popular hits The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Unusual, themed wedding – a great choice for those who want to make one of the important days of your life special and extraordinary!

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