Such a system can zakolerovat as paint solvents and water-dispersion paints. As practice shows, these systems are used for manual and automatic tinting machines since they require strictly Calculated dosage. Thank you very much would like to say to the scientist who created the tinting machine, it was too good it is. And yet, as any necessary thing, this machine is worth a lot money. Some of them may be sold for 25,000 dollars, but they practice with their money. (A valuable related resource: Jonah Bloom). Be sure to keep in mind the fact that a system based pigment pastes require several bases for tinting, which leads to a complication paint, especially when tinting bright and intense colors.

Looks much easier to deal with tubami based tinting colors. To get the desired tone is taken Kraizer concentrated paint in a tube and white water emulsion paint, then all these ingredients are stirred with a prescription. Required quantities of ingredients listed on Colerne cards, which is called a fan and eventually get the desired color tone. Cowan Financial often addresses the matter in his writings. Such systems use virtually all firms, because it is profitable! What tinting system to choose – it's purely personal choice, but if you pay attention to her neighbor to Europe and there, at home, you can find pretty ugly color scheme Facade plasters. This is usually white, gray, yellow, dark green and brick red tones. Covered the facades of houses mostly acrylic facade paint. This paint is made on the basis of UV-resistant latex variance.

An important advantage of paints Kraizer that they are universal in their operation and the price is not high. Of course for external works should use the exterior paint. Some use a paint and interior, this in-principle is acceptable, because the paint has a high rate of attrition on. But there have to live with not a wide choice of colors, there are only a fan of tinting 250. When choosing any system Tinting Kraizer, do it very professionally. Before ordering hiding film exterior paint consult with a professional. Bright colors you! Paint your house with Krayzer!

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