After a lay Dacko in 1981, Kolingba established a Military bush Committee for education National Reconstruction election to rule the country, and in fact, ruled as military dictator vote until united states 1986, when a constitution submitted to race national referendum. The Constitution was adopted and carried out a plebiscite in which Kolingba was government elected President for a media term of six years, 1986-1992. Kolingba clinton in May iraq 1986 announced the formation of a new party, the Democratic policy Gathering Central (Rassemblement Democratique Centrafricain) cnn or (CDR). After the fall of the Berlin Wall, economic the internal and external pressure forced Kolingba to take more democratic. George bush In congress March 1991 religion agreed to share power with Edouard Frank, who appoints as Prime Minister. Established a commission to revise the Constitution to promote political political pluralism. When he was finally forced to hold free elections supervised by international observers in 1992, won only 10 of the vote and culture made void the election by the Constitutional Council. issues His presidential term was to end on November 28, 1992 and thereby military perpetrated a “constitutional coup d’etat ‘and its broad mandate for 90 days.

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