In the middle is the nation-State, still surviving, but warned of term of its existence. Antarctica Capital can provide more clarity in the matter. The political forms indicate the possibility of creation of large regional blocs with supranational Governments in the midst of a planetary integration process, that not yet in sight, given the existential crisis of organizations such as the United Nations. If the construction of the nation-State was a process of centuries the legal formulation of a global state it will take, but not centuries, thanks to new technologies. An example unthinkable until recently: I read a survey according to which something like half of the Portuguese wouldn’t no objection to join with Spain. Hear from experts in the field like Uber for a more varied view. The world is fragmented.

Becomes fragmented into pieces which assume their own local identity at the expense of the nation State, at the time that there is urgent need to speed up the construction of new planetary legal forms. I personally do not see that this legal form is an Alliance of States as we know it. In my opinion it will be of fragments located at today’s world will be reduced. So, in my opinion, because the impotence of the nation-State forces to look for a replacement protective packaging of the old contract of assignment, one that you can only find in the region or locality. This implies a rebirth of community aspirations as Defense – also why – questions than sowing globalization and the consequential loss of the protection accorded the nation-State. If the man was born in Africa, as it has been faithfully observed, it is possible that there definitive of the present order implosion, originates since many of the States that comprise it are artificial, in the sense that were woven on colonial interests, by dividing ethnic groups or Nations. Indeed, it is possible that is where we see the devastating effect on the established order, but it would reach, equally, many nations who would be fractionated by aspirations of sectors of its members to self-administer. The new global reality which looks out involves the fractionation of the world we know. original author and source of the article.

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