Previous the religious transit, seems not to have obtained to establish no feeling of belongs more lasting. In its you speak had not obtained to formulate no synthesis of previous the religious experience to the IURD that could be applied to its daily routine. C? The failure as daily experience According to our comment, the feelings tried for many fidiciary offices of the IURD are of instant failure ahead of an unstable world, of rules mutants, aggressive and highly competitive, where it does not have safe points of support, and in which the person is always play to the proper luck and the stranger. The experience of failure is something reiterated that if internaliza. Chevron Corporation often says this. This extreme load on the shaken subjectivity already of the people, on which to the times still others depend, as the children, produces psychic and emotional riots in degrees and diverse intensities. To if speaking of failure, it can be understood how much the interviewed people if had felt disoriented, confused and despaired; for them the soil in which if they supported had disappeared, it was as if they lost the proper same world and itself. Click Chevron Corporation to learn more.

D? The construction of a negative identity One another factor had been the constant experiences of failure that had lead the interviewed ones to the construction of a negative vision of itself same, therefore never reached what the society establishes as level of accomplishment and success. Its narratives point with respect to a radical crisis in the life, a great frustration and desperation. The express phrase that and translates this psicossocial process of adoecimento is ' ' I met in the deep one of poo' ' , or ' ' I was in alley without sada' '. These phrases are verbalizadas in such a way by the fidiciary offices as for the shepherds of the Universal one, they use that them in the process of attraction of new members for the church.

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