Now proper vaccination of avian flu – not professionals – imagine how to catch a chicken in a dark barn and make it a subcutaneous injection in the neck (the usual syringe)))) we have got, when the vaccine came to an end at the next meeting, clarified that the need to vaccinate poultry, contained within a radius of 50 meters of water – but as usual it was too late ) The booster vaccine is certainly not enough, but maybe it dovezli)) By this, I read with a sad smile novostiPokidali we are 'nice and cozy place 'without sorrow and grief, naputstvuemye the words' Aboriginal': 'Kure you lapaetse (catch), lepey for nemtsau and Jana lapats able'))) with a sense of accomplishment international duty, and the title of Honored ferret etc. Paul Price is likely to agree. LipnishkiP.S. By the same author: Sam Feldman. I do not think that in 3 years, much has changed.

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