Hochwarth IT GmbH offers server virtualization with VMware again and again, especially in small and medium-sized companies, where costs can be saved, to the existing resources turns better to exploit. To save in the IT sector, and specifically at the hardware does not work in General, but it is possible to use these very much more effective. The company Hochwarth IT GmbH with seat in Neckarbischofsheim is a recently certified VMware professional solutions provider and advises their customers how they can save money with a server virtualization. VMware has decades pioneer in the field of virtualization. What began as an interesting function for IT professionals, today is the market-leading platform in the area of server virtualization. What does Servervirtualiserung mean? Server virtualization is the decoupling of the operating system from the hardware.

Through such a virtualization can be old”systems seamlessly transfer on new machines, if the previous hardware needs to be replaced. Benefits of server virtualization with VMware: – up to 30 virtual servers on a real”Server – add new server within a few minutes – cost savings (no new hardware, if an additional server is required) – maximum flexibility – power cost savings with VMware and Veeam backup accessible work despite ongoing backup another aspect in the context of server virtualization with VMware is the subject of backups. Data loss can have immense consequences for companies. Modern backup programs draw on here a big advantage of the virtual hard disks: the entire file of a virtual disk is divided into blocks. VMware leads in principle to a Protocol on changes to these blocks. Is a change is made, the system logs on which block what information are affected. Changes to the backup file that includes always the last, safe system status, is matched by the block now only the modified file. This system can even during a system backup be continued without delay. Press release of Hochwarth IT GmbH contact: Mandy glasses

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