The actions of marketing via email usually measured via click through rates. A ratio of 5% would mean that of 100 people who received the mail, five did click and visited URLs in the message. There are a variety of response options with the use of direct mail. Link to the URL is the most popular and effective, especially if we can create a hyperlink. However, we must not forget that users with older e-mail programs, not allowed to in many cases follow that link, appear you in plain text. Get your loyal visitors working for Ud basically there are two types of audience that you’ll be happy to click and visit your site.

People who have already visited it before, and those who have not seen it. An interesting option would be to create a guestbook where visitors could register, offering them the possibility of periodically send them emails from your company with information interesting or of other companies that they could get you interested. The visitors, subscription, log is sometimes called tactical opt-in, and comes to mean that its visitors have been granted permission to receive commercial messages by e-mail. Such practices are perfectly legal and are not considered as spam. Speaking candidly Mike Gianoni told us the story. The aim is to send an e-mail to get them back to your website to your visitors, as well as to show you content in which you may be most interested. The other group of people in which you You must be interested is to those who have not previously visited your website.

To access them, we could use databases of emails from users on the network and offer them the possibility of visiting our site, and from there do that they subscribe. Don’t forget that when you use a database of these features, users have given your acceptance to receive this type of email. Failure to do so, could engage in practices considered spam and have problems more than benefits.

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