The so-called Swiss Credit is, as its name suggests, from Switzerland. Swiss banks offer a specially tailored to the German Federal Citizens microcredit. The main advantage of a Swiss loan is that no information is obtained Schufa Schufa made and no entry. As an alternative to a Swiss loan offers a loan without Schufa. In this the Schufa not also come into play. A Swiss credit is a kind of loan without Schufa to a Swiss credit can be summarized as the following information and tips: * It is not sought Schufa information to verify the credit-worthiness. * After the disbursement of the loan is not entered this in Schufa. * About the loan can generally be freely available. The use therefore plays no role in the award. * Since the Schufa is not in play its bank can learn nothing from this credit. Therefore, the credit also has no impact on existing or future loans from their bank.* Just as the Swiss are a lot of credit loans without Schufa information from the renowned Swiss banks. A Swiss credit is certainly a small loan. The loan amount usually amounts to only 3.500, – Euro. * Absolut is inadvisable loans where you only want to go into wholesale where you pay a fee or something similar. Whether you are now a Swiss credit or a loan without Schufa ultimately choose depends above all from their credit needs. Since at a Swiss credit no flexibility in the loan amount is and it is merely a small loan.

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