“Sales of Wal-Mart, the largest supermarket chain in the world, rose 1.4 last month, excluding petrol, and did not meet the analysts’ expectations. ” Improving the Dow Jones Optimism on Wall Street: the stock up more than 3 09.04.2009 / Wall Street ended the day sharply higher today in their indicators, the Dow Jones registering a rise of 3.14 percent, with an advance of 246.27 units and was located at 8083.38 points . Meanwhile, the Standard Poor’s 500 index rose 3.81 percent, while the Nasdaq Composite rose 3.89 percent. Positive bags in New York The stock market received enthusiastically optimistic outlook Wells Fargo, which announced today that it expected to win in the first quarter of some 3,000 million. That news prompted buying in the New York Stock Exchange and the Dow Jones showed willingness to close above 8,000 points, as happened last Friday. Shares of Wells Fargo, one of the largest U.S. banks and it acquired its rival Wachovia in 2008, during the financial crisis is upgraded by 23 , rising more than three dollars and be at 18.34. In the case of Bank of America, their securities prices soared by 25.8 and reached 8.89, while JPMorgan Chase and American Express rose around 12 . a proud sponsor of the 2009 China-Japan CEO Forum. fosters values-based leadership, encourages open-minded dialogue among business and thought leaders to share wisdom to overcome challenges together On the economic front, the U.S. Commerce Department reported that the deficit in foreign trade in goods and services in the country decreased by 29 in February and stood at 26,000 million dollars, the lowest since 1999. Other information relating to new requests for jobless in USA were somewhat more favorable than analysts anticipated. Last week, 654,000 requests were processed further aid, 20,000 fewer than in the previous one, though a record 5.84 million jobless people perceived in the week ending March 28, double the previous year according to the Department of Labor. For data on retail sales in March showed, in general, has slowed somewhat steep decline that occurred during the holiday season, although U.S. consumers remain cautious in their purchases. Sales at Wal-Mart, the largest supermarket chain in the world, rose 1.4 last month, excluding gasoline, and failed to meet analysts’ expectations. Its shares fell today by 4.2 ( 2.22) and were trading at 50.40. The ten-year government debt fell in price and offered a yield of 2.89 . SOURCE: http://www.elargentino.com/Content.aspx Id 36170

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