My love for the NBA 85-86 season comes when a buddy offered me a magazine Giant who buys a family member. At that time, with 14 years, starting my first contacts with basketball. After I stop to look through the magazine on pages that relate to a team called Dallas Mavericks , Milwaukee Bucks and Utah Jazz . He had previously seen some occasional game on television in the finals between Boston and Lakers last season. I liked the yellow and I remember being glad that the Lakers won even know who they were. A few weeks of reading my first Giants, was a frequent purchasers.It was the heavy of the people, Benaguasil, who came to the Wild Kiosk three hours before he reached the van that distributed the revisgas. If before eating did not come, my heart was lurching. Remember that season became fashionable because the Twin Towers in Houston. My friend and I played Pistolo be Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwon , although my first hero would be Dominique Wilkins, and Hawks spectacular. That same year had been an All Star in TVE in which Wilkins did acrobatic turns, riding a real show with Isiah Thomas. But the image that haunts me is the average return of Ralph Sampson in the sixth game against the Lakers, the Rockets would give a pass to the final. Then fall to the arrogant Green Bird, McHale, Walton, Johnson, Parish and Ainge.

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