As a slider phone way to avoid bad press by layoffs, Nokia will offer compensation packages Motorola to the first 1,000 employees who voluntarily write down a list LG and want to stop work at Nokia. Employees may apply to the package between wireless providers March and May all the plans include and Samsung will run in the first half. Nokia, with every plan the world’s largest manufacturer then has 40 of the world’s cell phones mobile phones, was making some mobile phones adjustments by the crisis since cellular phones late 2008 but not to free phones forced layoffs and bad press for it, for that is that using this preventive measure to address the crisis plans and the cuts in budgets. The third version is Windows Mobile you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans 2003. Was launched on June 23, HTC 2003, and was the first release under cellular coverage the name Windows Mobile. Came in three different cellular providers editions. Two of these issues are very similar: Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC Edition and Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC Phone Edition, the latter designed for the Pocket PC that has features of wireless phones mobile phones (like HTC’s Himalaya, distributed in many countries as Qtek, XDA, MDA or VPA).
The third edition is Windows Mobile 2003 which – despite its similarities to the Pocket PC – is a platform that is Nokia substantially different because it is limited by the special characteristics of these devices. Some of these constraints are not operating keys have touch screens, lower screen resolution, security cell phones model that prevents install unsigned applications and different memory model (different type of cellular phones memory and a lesser amount.)
Windows Mobile 2003 is also known as Windows CE 4.20.

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