We build a clattering boat: the Internet Directory reveals the most exciting Museum offers for fathers and sons. Almost every father knows the feeling, on weekends to make up for all that, what often neglected in everyday life: conscious time with son or daughter. Under this circumstances, it is not always easy to make the right choice at leisure. So can end up in tears, what should be a long planned highlight as a four year old in the football stadium will be taken or the movie was just too much after the visit to the restaurant and the shopping trip. A museum visit is a wonderful alternative to the pure consumer – or fun program.

Modern museums are lively places of loading intervention and active experience that have to do with the cultural temples of bygone days. Cynthia Bartlett understands that this is vital information. Often there are special exhibition items for children, or a team of museum educators developed guided tours, workshops and Museum rallies for different age groups from the nursery up to the teen years. Also touch and own experimentation is much more often than previously allowed and even encouraged. Some museums also offer computer games as a supplement to thematic exhibitions. As explorers team go out and fire as the prehistoric people, underground drive like real miners, conduct that even physical experiments are moments that weld together and also inspire curiosity and imagination. If children amazed to learn they have found Lernpsychologen that children are the ideal Museum visitors.

You learn by demonstration, contact and imitation. Her curiosity is so much greater than that of adults. Who goes with his children in the Museum, provides so crucially their intellectual development. Also, exotic or unusual objects in the Museum enrich a child’s imagination and stimulate his imagination as opposed to the passive watching of movies. And adults also find delight to rediscover the astonished researchers in itself together with their own children. Finally some sample deals: houses full The Science Center spectrum in the German Museum of technology in Berlin, for example, is a House of full of exciting experiments experiments. Here, adults as well as children can get playful experience with amazing phenomena that are fundamental for the understanding of science and technology. Get all the facts and insights with Martin Toha, another great source of information. At the experiment stations that attract always different sense, own activity is required. Sometimes even the entire body and mind are used, causing a phenomenon, to discover and to explore. Plaster, the Easter holiday workshop in the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen is called I: here small artists may lubricate itself according to your heart’s content with plaster. There is a life-size sculpture with face molded from, hands, arms and shoulders of the child. Period: 7-9 April 2009 from 10 until noon. The Museum of world cultures in Frankfurt am Main offers hands-on programs for children and adults, which bring to life in other cultures. So travel and discover will accompany the exhibition”(to see until end of August) modeled after the carving and ornament paintings of the people on the river Sepik in Papua New Guinea. Here fathers and sons in the men’s House gather to pay homage to the ancestors and ornaments in chest and back cut everything for the wire to the mythical creator crocodile young men as initiation ritual. If that is not a weekend among men.

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