Life offers us an infinite possibility of pleasant experiences, so we have to choose from, but perhaps you have asked what is the most important goal in life? Undoubtedly it is happiness because from that State you can achieve everything else, between the wonderful benefits of happiness we can mention the following: 1. improving health: scientific studies show that people who remain optimistic, with good attitude and in general with a State of happiness produced healthy cells, thus have a lower propensity to diseases, if you focus your mind on the things that likes then those ideas will take a greater power and everything else will tend to die, the best medicine we have is to feed our minds with totally pleasant information for us, a tool to achieve this fabulous is the use of the AUDIOS for meditation, that way your conscious mind will lose strength and sway of millions of ideas that arise from the mind will calm, with this technology you will learn to focus on the present moment, so shall be released from the mental illusion of the future and the past, you can feel how wonderful that is learning how to control the mind and enjoy in the here and now as the only thing that really exists and that it leads to a spiritual experience inigualble, scientifically has shown that active meditation areas of the brain linked with happinessthen your physical health and spiritual improves in incredible shape. 2 People who have a huge happiness usually has found his life’s mission: each of us have come to this world with a special purpose, the challenge is to discover it, we see that success is related to the perfect connection between a project and a person’s heart, implies a phenomenal passion and the good thing is that there are effective methods to achieve this, in the book that talks about the secrets of LA VIDA mission will learn in detail how to discover your mission of life, by reading this book you will know the great secrets that make a goal to integrate perfectly into all our being, involves a wonderful spiritual empowerment, this will allow you to enjoy true happiness because there is no limitation that is worth, take conscience that was born to embellish a particular aspect of this world and will have the inspiration to get it.. .

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