Written by Mr. Fernando Garcia to do with the global crisis in Honduras’ Surely you have heard innovation that before the crisis we must limit spending everything we have on a personal level, in companies reduce staff, Well you have seen what happened in Honduras, after the President Zelaya ascended the minimum wage is terrible what is happening, businesses are closing, where they had 3 only there 2 or to match the salary that has been necessary to eliminate positions work, as well as the mess you make when hiring new employees and old employees jump at the injustice that is starting skills and win earns the same as that already had many years of being in the result empresa’dando restructure the entire salary scale in the company because it automatically have to turn up to every employee’s salary (and macro level, in the long run, it triggers inflation or devaluing). This is very dangerous because it is better to have underpaid employees that unemployed and that unemployment results in: Increased crime, prostitution, kidnappings, murders, burglaries, etc.., Or are we like the system ‘Democratic’ that while is certainly not perfect but in a way helps to maintain management relative peace. Before the collapse of stock markets and the diminished purchasing power of our largest trading partner ‘USA’ but the salary increase unprecedented in the history of Honduras, this becomes an atomic bomb! … But here’s instinct jumps of sobrevivencia’ what do I do about this problem ‘If you’re an employer or employee and his earnings are equal Staying PLEASE DO NOT LOWER YOUR JOB OR PERSONAL SPENDING because you contribute to many people to live for their families, people have training money to buy tortillas, cheese, beans, soft drinks, clothes, lotions, computer, and overall health (I assure you anyone on strategy this planet that if a child is suffering from some disease is capable of anything!) If you by the eagerness to save a few dollars (goodbye people, stop spending, etc..) and their incomes are kept And you HAVE TO keep the momentum, because the biggest crisis we do when links we start to cut costs unnecessarily and this in turn becomes Mr bumeran’Si one eventually turns against him because you are bigger. Example: Dismiss people who work in security, they know all their movements, but assured that these types back and aselte, and the worst you join the army of unemployed is in the street and kidnapped! All the people have to make him see the president in times of crisis it would have been better off at all costs leaders the basic basket, (thank God the fuel is cheaper still) and had decreed best to maintain the same salary but no employer must lay off employees to maintain spending levels in the system after all is what makes things stay in place. The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is serves as a Trustee for the Hymowitz Children’s Education Foundation And the sacred cows of Honduras should not follow up the interest rate for bank loans could cause as in USA: keep all the mortgaged properties that have (or know if what customer service they have planned!) But on the other hand, if my low income is almost inevitable that I cut my expenses at all costs, and stop eating out at international food chains, shaft: Chicago Grill, Fridays, arabic, stop buying jewelry, clothing and in exclusive stores (change to maquila) and cut staff at the enterprise coaching level, fixed and variable costs, and the owners and partners as lawyers forget titles, graduates, engineers and so on. And wear the shirt of the worker: raise funds, sell, get to the winery, hand bills, etc..

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