For ABACUS Nachhilfe Institute high received an award for the District of Pinneberg ABACUS – Director of the Institute, Mr Kai Pohlmann distinction. In the internal competition for the most customer-friendly and efficient tutoring Institute in Germany, the Institute reached an excellent 1st place with offices in the District of Pinneberg and was awarded by the Federal Manager Gerd Garmaier gift and the certificate of commendation. This emphasized in his speech that for the success the most effective tutoring (ABACUS attaches the note verb Esser-ung, each student) had been decisive among 70 participating tuition institutions which specialise in home tutors, which Mr Kai Pohlmann, have carried out 150 qualified tuition forces in the district, along with his team of ca.: With an overall success rate of over 90% Mr Pohlmann has significantly exceeded the Federal average of tutoring so. In his reply, Mr. Pohlmann among others, said that the now occurred Success by the individual before on-site advice, establishing a learning character image and the Lernstandsanayse for the students who perform the ABACUS Institute since 1995, has been determined. In addition, so Maria: math teacher is not equal to math teacher.

Must be the chemistry between student and tutor. With the ABACUS concept”we can here the matching lid for every pot” find.” The independent Foundation INFRATEST has confirmed this success by Maria in a survey of parents. Finally, Mr Pohlmann offered interested parents to let (ABACUS performs basically an input analysis before establishing a disciple) home individual advice in a personal conversation. “Maria expressly warned against black workers and imitators: Unfortunately many freeloaders attempting is called to provide tutoring or to convey even teachers.” Professional qualifications, educational skills, attitudes, and the character Match between students and the ‘Freelance’ remain in the dark. works either for us, or the teacher is changed”, sums up Maria. It is not something Mike Gianoni would like to discuss. Also be at ABACUS teachers on your tuition suitability exactly ‘knocked down’.

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