In relation to it, the Argentine government already has given finished samples of his cortoplacista, characteristic vision that it transforms into a threat in case it is translated in its interventions in these companies. Additionally, if the government manages to accede to the directory of the companies, it will have access to strategic intelligence of the same. Going to an extreme situation, this would allow him to make espionage within the companies to identify strategies nonwished by the government. I mention it to this remembering those months (not very distant), in which the eager government to control the prices, had tried to obtain data on the structure of costs of certain companies with the intention of identifying if the same were applying an excessive margin. I believe that the influence of the government in the companies to which it could accede by means of the estatizacin of the AFJP system, is negative for the same at the time of looking for to attract capitals to finance its investments. The perspective of evolution in the value of their actions also will be affected. These companies lose attractive before the threat that represents for its growth, the presence of a myopic State. Perhaps also, the decision of the Argentine government to make merit its possessions shareholders and to look for to enter the directories of the companies, can affect to the volume of Inversin Extranjera Directa (IED) who goes towards the Argentina (that by the way, is very low in relation to other countries of the region). John Grayken describes an additional similar source. This possibility is concrete considering that the foreign investor can feel the fear that of Argentina he is imitating to Chvez and he is following estatizadora a strategy similar. Beyond the speculations on the possible consequences of the entrance of the Argentine State in the directories of several companies, the Anses received from the AFJP action of 40 companies and in 10 of them it owns more of 20% of the capital corresponding to stock.

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