If you suspect that your dress is most suitable is a transparent light blanket – do not deny yourself the pleasure to show off in it, the reasons for this no! By the way, if you remember our ancient traditions, the veil was originally a simple linen veil, which meant at all no innocent girl, and her 'dying' in his family, where she lived until her marriage and then the 'resurrection' in her new family – old husband. Before applying makeup makeup skin requires extra care. Start training for a few hours before the appointed hour celebration. You may find Expedia CEO to be a useful source of information. Clean the face of a special lotion (for oily and normal skin) or milk (for dry skin), brush with a light skin moisturizer. If during pregnancy the skin pigment appeared Spot – spend a few procedures for their clarification. For example, adding a few layers of gauze, moistened it in the refrigerated juice of parsley or kale, diluted with water, put a gauze on the face for 4-5 minutes, then re-soak it in solution and place on the face, and so 4-5 times. Do not use the unknown to you, albeit expensive, skin care and makeup products: you do not know how your body reacts to the new material, they may cause allergy, but you do before the crucial moment at all to anything. Makeup Apply a light, soothing, pastel colors, as bright colors on your face will look now rather vulgar. Whom to invite? Wedding 'in interesting situation 'is actually no different from the usual weddings, except that the bride needs to itself especially caring attitude ..

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