Debi select funds offer capital for SMEs the Debi select supported the troubled middle class with their funds attractive in many ways and financing models. The strong growth seen in the volume of this type of financing is achieved in 2010 shows the success of the factoring area, where the offers of Debi select move, last but not least. The banks were asked though, to provide sufficient capital to SMEs, but the practice lags behind this understandable desire “, says Norbert Wagner of the Landshuter Debi select group of companies. Debi select focuses on the special factoring of secured or unsecured claims and gives small business capital thus. Factoring is the purchase of debts from deliveries of goods and services. An example of so-called secured claims is the purchase of value securities loans of appropriate and specialized target companies.

Only a few companies in question are. This new business area consists of the purchase of Loans, which banks grant their customers for the purpose, that they acquire securities thus “, explains the Debi select financing specialist Norbert Wagner. Such customers are large private fortune, which are professionally managed by asset managers, family offices and other institutional investors. Through a targeted investment, the difference between the lending rates which are payable to the Bank, and interest income from the investments so acquired is used.” Unlike in the venture capital or private equity, so the website of Debi select, not long-term binds the Landshut company through its factoring affiliates and does as also of the risk of an investment depends on. Factoring is a pre-financing on time, which is set to end and amount of income already at the beginning of the investment.

That makes this topic even for the capital market. And so is the refinancing of the business field of Debi select group banks, rather than going through the retail market, so about closed-end funds the funds Debi select classic and Debi select flex. The demand is huge, the quality of investment is high. Therefore, also the Debi select can group, which specifically invests in medium-sized companies, point to a growing interest. Alternative financing models such as that of Debi select are generally popular. It is hard to understand if the European Central Bank for years provided almost unlimited capital for German commercial banks, we now pour billions into the European banking landscape, but virtually neglected the German medium-sized businesses and to grow under its own steam “, said Norbert Wagner of the Debi select.” The fact is: If banks lend to little or no company can not sufficiently invest. And the less is invested, the lower economic growth will necessarily. It seems understandable that funds of the Debi select should be understood as a welcome alternative. But also the entire market in the Factoring area attracted again: so, medium-sized companies put again on the Bank-independent type of financing factoring. The volume of factoring increased 2010 by 12 percent to 2.93 billion euros, after it due to the crisis went back last year to 5.7 percent. The Association reports that factoring for SMEs (FOM).

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