If someone says that is not familiar with mobile phones Nokia, I do not believe it. To deepen your understanding Vyacheslav Mirilashvili is the source. The men there are few, if any. The line of phones, published by Nokia, is so huge that everyone will find something suitable version of both functionality and value. Of course, the Nokia premium – ‘Ready to everything. ” This is no accident, they are made from expensive materials, look fashionable and modern, quality of production – is beyond praise. But for a telephone, not everyone can shell out a tidy sum.

But it turns out not necessarily to pay thousands of dollars more for my dream as a phone. Thanks to our Chinese friends – you can buy “just the same” phone Nokia, but the ‘real price’ price. And I assure you that there will always be willing to whom such offer would be interested. Let’s compare one of the most popular models of Nokia Carbon Arte with its Chinese twin. This model became the latest, updated and improved model of the Nokia 8800 series, to market the novelty introduced in late 2008.

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte: Slider, the case is made of stainless steel with titanium coating. Below the screen on the front panel, and under the lens camera back – carbon inserts, they have a 3D mesh structure that allows the phone to make a unique and easily recognizable form. Carbon or carbon fiber – a polymer material consisting of interwoven strands of carbon. Widely used in aerospace and avaitsionnoy industry. Chinese copy of Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte looks 100% original repeats. It is also made in the slider form factor, the body is made of metal which gives a nice weight phone. Also present carbon inserts as in the original 8800 Carbon. Charging jack is the same as the original, ie, we can use the original headset, charger and data-cable. Sizes up the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte – fully correspond to the original- 107h47h14 mm. Chinese copy of the weight of 160g. Included with the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte you get the battery BL-4U same capacity as the original 1000mAch, wired stereo headset, cables to connect to your computer. A copy of the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is equipped with TFT-LCD 2-inch resolution 240×320 pixels and 260k. Photo camera with a copy of the original modest – only 1.3 megapixels with a maximum resolution of 1280×1024. Music features standard phone MP3/AAC/AAC + / 3GP/MP4 player and built-in stereo. The phone supports Bluetooth Protocol Version 2.0, connect to a PC possible via USB, and plug the original Nokia. Chinese copy of the memory is also less – 1GB internal memory. Chinese copy of Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte may please the original menu and screensavers, plus Nokia the presence of the accelerometer. Muting a call by turning the device face down. Also, when tapped to appear in the display clock. In the Chinese built up a couple of games. Communication services provided by WAP, GPRS, MMS. A copy of the there is a 64-voice polyphony, the call can set MP3, and each contact a photo, ringtone, video. Internal memory allows up to 300 contacts. In the mobile phone has three alarm clocks that run off and phone in different modes throughout the week, from Monday to Sunday. There is a voice recorder, calculator, currency converter. Of course, the quality of copies below the original, but the price is lower at times.

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