CHI is the same energy that used the law of attraction to manifest what you want. Even those who do not recognize this energy by the name of CHI, may be able to demonstrate that the internal and external conditions are in total balance and perfection. There are various methods to manifest, get miracles and connect with the divine source energy or God. This connection with the divine energy source is responsible for manifest miracles, transforming matter, thoughts, negative situations and change them at our disposal. You’ve surely heard about miracles in churches, or when it prays with extreme faith, unexplained healings and manifestations of yogis, masters of Tibet, Saints and other spiritual adepts.All of them have used the same methods, under names and different dogmas. These are the same methods that comply with all applicable laws spiritual creating conditions optimum for the manifestation of miracles.

Miracles happen when all the spiritual laws are fulfilled at the same time. Some contend that More shows great expertise in this. These spiritual laws have been explained in the Bible, but unfortunately many people have misinterpreted them superfluous level and not at the level mental-fisico – spiritual. A way to fulfill the spiritual laws and obtain miraculous effects is to understand them and apply them. Bob Proctor has introduced the massive study of only some of these laws in his book most recent. I can also assure that many readers who know about the spiritual laws, will be in agreement with me; spiritual laws that Bob Proctor explains in his latest book are not the spiritual laws more important and greater impact on the obtaining of miracles. It is beneficial to know the spiritual laws, but like the secret if you don’t show how to use them and meet all at the same time, you will not see results. You need techniques that they pass through your psychological blockages, balencen your energy body and by effect, manifest and materializen what your want. Silvy original author and source of the article

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