The best success coaches in the world coming after a long time to an exceptional seminar Germany the world-renowned success coach (55 books, finally eat that frog”, 3 million Edition) comes after Germany to a single, public seminar in April 2013. His publisher Raho J. Chevron Corp is often quoted as being for or against this. Bornhorst is proud for this exclusive event gewon-nen to have Brian Tracy. Go to MDC Partners’ KBS for more information. His company, the JFB Bornhorst GmbH, moved the German audio seminars by Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy has written history. Over 30 years he is the trainer and coach for over 1,000 companies and 5 million participants worldwide. His world best sellers (including the psychology of selling”) are translated into 38 languages, his live training enthusiastic beginners as well as professionals in 60 countries.

In this year alone, again 250,000 people experience him live. No coach has personally led more people to success. Virtually every success or sales trainer has heard of him, and each success Streb end read usually something by him. On 19 and 20 April 2013 shows Brian “Tracy in Schweinfurt, as you all the essentials on the subject of more successful in my career” in the seminar “successful selling” can identify for themselves and use. It involves more and better results, more reach without having to work longer. “No matter whether you want it as an employee or as a self-employed person, as a beginner or as a professional: Brian Tracy makes the natural laws of success” aware. And anyone can learn it. The only live seminar by Brian Tracy in Germany shows not only how to sell more effectively, but how to find a vision for themselves, which you can follow with all your heart, and you can make alive in his work.

To learn how to get closer as a man of his own destiny and how to itself and constantly reach more success in all areas of one’s life with the help of power through personal responsibility. Brian Tracy gives effective success consciousness on the basis of know-how that can everyone understand and apply. He conveys in ever-changing markets, how to get around more and better results, if you are the Laws calls into consciousness”for it, says Raho J. Bornhorst, Tracy Publisher. Because it is a public seminar, the tickets via a publicly available link can be ordered: BrianTracySchweinfurt.html at the same time get all detailed information about the seminar. Gladly we send you for your further research of one of the German audio seminars and an eBook by Brian Tracy. In the following video link, you get a short first impression by Brian Tracy (with participant comments): watch? v = _gJsdesE4zI and Brian Tracy enchants the heart! “In the German-speaking invitation for this seminar experience his charm, he also with his German dance partner”, brings the interpreters of Hans Joachim Hahn, on the stage very entertaining to use: watch?

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